Quick Tips for Safety

It’s that time of year when many of you are out of town. You want to get your runs in but sometimes safety is a concern when in a city you don’t know. Vegas hosts many marathons and races this time of year. It is easy to get distracted trying to experience all that new city has to offer.

What do you do to stay safe?

Ask at your hotel for recommended running routes. Many hotels can point you towards a local running route. Often these routes are fairly short but as workouts are often planned to be shorter on vacation, this can work! If you need a longer run, plan to do multiple loops to get the distance in. This also builds mental endurance which is a great skill to develop and you’ll need it on race day.

If you absolutely need a longer run, a great resource is to ask at the local running store. They can easily point you to a good running course and will give you honest recommendations about what areas may be safer than others. As a bonus, sometimes you can even join a group run!

The dreaded treadmill at your hotel gym is another easy way to get in a workout. if you aren’t used to running on a treadmill, it’s best to keep the running session short as there are some differences to running on the treadmill if you aren’t used to it. The gym at the hotel should also have other cardio machines like an elliptical. That is a great way to get in a workout without the pounding of running.

When you are out running here are a few things to think about to make sure you stay safe.

Stay alert and keep earbud use to a minimum. Make sure you can hear your surroundings. Trust your instincts and change direction or go into a store if you feel at all that something is “off.”

Carry your phone. If you have an app like “Find my Friends” enabled, you can set it so only trusted family and friends can see where you are at any given moment. Many find this to be an added sense of safety.

If you are comfortable with carrying pepper spray, many running stores carry handheld pepper spray devices. Note that these devices are not allowed in carry-on luggage but a device with 4 ounces or less and with a safety mechanism to prevent accidentally spraying is allowed in checked luggage (check with TSA for current regulations). These devices can also work on stray dogs which can also be a concern depending on where you are traveling.

The bottom line is get creative with your workouts, use the resources around you and stay safe. Don’t stress too much about any given workout as it is the holidays after all.




We are excited!

A Sunny New Year Start to 2016!

It’s a brand new year and we’ve already had some fun events! We started with a Run, Dip and toast to the New Year at Green Lake January 1st and just this past weekend we had a run and then team party at CL headquarters to celebrate 2015 and hear all the exciting goals for 2016. We are getting this year off to a great start. Thanks to all who have come out so far!

Where will we see you next?

These goals include:

  • 12 half marathons
  • Sub 15 IM
  • Redemption!
  • <insert your goal here>


What has you excited for 2016?


Why do you train? Why do you race?

 What motivates you?


Training is valuable time for myself.

I like the challenge to see what I can do.

I feel better mentally and physically when I’m active on a regular basis.

I love the energy at races and want to do my best.

Training and racing has taken me places I never thought I would go. I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.

I am less stressed if I work out regularly.

Checking In! Sticking with your Goals

Can you believe that January has already come and gone? We are already 1/12th of the way into 2015 and its time to take a look at all the goals you made for the new year. Are you on track? Have you had a hard time getting your goals off the ground? Remember change doesn’t happen over night and progress is slow. If one of the goals you took on involves changing long held habits, it will take many many repetitions of the new positive behavior to win out over those stubborn old habits. And that doesn’t even speak for the times when you are stressed and fall to those old behaviors more readily. Have you noticed yourself getting into a mental war about trying to get workout in or trying to walk away from that coffee you so desperately want but swore off? All the time you spending mentally fighting wears you out in other ways also and makes it easier to give in the want to watch TV after work or get that morning latte. So what can be done about that? Create new habits – patterns you can follow without thinking about it! Have you ever found yourself in any of the following scenarios?

I don’t have time to get my whole workout in. 

It’s not all or bust. If you can’t get your whole workout in get in what you can. Some exercise is better than no exercise. If you stick with it, pretty soon you will find yourself missing how good you feel afterwards. You can also try splitting your workouts on days when you are running short on time. Can you get half a run in in the morning or 30 minutes of your 1 hour spin? Then snag the rest afterwork. Can you drop the kids at soccer practice and run laps around the field? At the risk of the being the most uncool mom ever you will feel pretty good about yourself for making it work. Think about a lunch time work out also! Even if you can’t get a run in pack your shoes and go for a walk at lunch.

I stuck to my goal yesterday so I don’t need to today. 

That bad little voice that gives you a cheat day one too many times during the week is speaking up again. The more days you skip that workout or allow an old behavior the sooner you will just allow for it all the time. Be Consistent! A good training plan has built in rest days. You know ahead of time they are coming so just get through one workout one day at a time, the rest day will be like a little reward at the end. Every time you stick to the plan your are building stronger and stronger mental connections to your new habit. Eventually the new connections will override the old ones. If you can try to exercise at a similar time each day. This way it just becomes part of your daily routine. It also allows you to figure out good eating patterns to be well fueled pre and post your workout.

Its dark, cold, wet, or Monday, I don’t want to workout today. 

Using the conditions (yes we feel that Monday is a condition) as an excuse to skip your workout? Find a buddy to workout with, we promise it will keep you accountable. Who wants to be the one that bags out of a run because its raining? Think up a nice treat for yourself when you get back home. An extra long extra hot shower can often keep you moving on a cold wet day. Put your workout clothes out the night before and your shoes by the door. Don’t let it be out of sight out of mind. Its a bit like heckling yourself from the sidelines…your clothes are just screaming really? really? you’re going to walk past us? And if you do then the shoes will chime in too? Tell your significant other what your workout plan is for the next day. If you can’t hold yourself to it, sometimes just the thought of having to tell someone else you bailed is enough to squash the idea. Make a special playlist just for bad weather days…like a little musical treat for braving the weather. (Just remember to only wear head phones at a low volume, in well light, well populated areas, with minimal traffic…Be safe out there.)

I don’t have time to cook a good meal – I’ll just eat what I can find at work. 

If you aren’t eating well all that exercising will not do your body justice. You will find yourself feeling run down and sluggish which is hugely discouraging when you have been sticking to your schedule and it seems to be getting harder. Check your eating! Are you eating enough? Are you eating the right balance? One of the best tricks our team uses is to cook as much as possible for the whole week on Sunday. If you think about all 3 meals for the whole week and pre-plan and prep as much as you can it takes the thinking out of eating during the week. You have lots of good options that keep you from the 3pm office troll for what always turn out to be bad snacks or the drive through stop on the way home. Its also a great idea to keep a snack pack at work…keep things like nuts, dried fruit, cut up fruits or veggies, yogurt in a spare lunch box in the office fridge. This way when your meetings run long or your day changes you are never without a good healthy snack to keep you going. Try making smoothies too for times when you need a meal on the go but never skip eating! It is so important to treat your body right and feed it!

I’m too tired to workout today. 

Getting enough sleep is paramount to reaching goals. You have to be well rested to tackle big behavioral changes and grow your physical fitness. Learn to gauge that feeling of being too tired, if you have been dragging all week and getting 4 hours of sleep a night, it may be time to take an extra day off and say today my focus is letting my body rest. Our bodies do a lot repair work and metabolizing with our sleep cycles. The more you can get into the habit of getting quality sleep each night the less stressed your body will be mentally and physically. Make your bedroom a no technology zone. Leave the TV, laptop, Kindle, cell phone, tablet, gameboy (throwback!) out of the bedroom. Let that space be your sanctuary for sleeping, cuddling and good good lovin’. Treat yourself to a good new pillow or special blanket and make a commitment to getting to bed.

Tackling new goals is hard work whether your just starting out or striving to reach the next level in your training. Its takes time, dedication and a whole lot of believing in yourself. No one is perfect and life is rarely ever optimal to accommodate our training schedules. Don’t beat yourself up when it doesn’t go your way. Always always always feel good about what you have done and take each new day as a clean slate to start entirely new.

Maybe the goal you started with isn’t the one you’ll end up with but in the words of the Heath brothers “When you’re at the beginning, don’t obsess about the middle, because the middle is going to look different once you get there. Just look for a strong beginning and a strong ending and get moving.”.

140.6 Reasons to be an IronMan- Step 2

Alright IronMen and IronMen in training here we go again! What motivates you?

11. To know what courage feels like.

12. Because it all starts as an impossible dream, you made possible.

13. To know that your teammates are right there with you through every hard training ride, run swim, moment of doubt, triumph and race day.

14. Because making the commitment to live the training life deserves to be rewarded.

15. To hear a total stranger cheer you on hours into the course and know that you can finish.

16. Because the sense of accomplishment gained will last a life time.

17. Because the athletes that finish last get the most cheers.

18. To live without regret.

19. To be tested, pick yourself up and move forward…over and over and over.

20. It justifies having ‘athletic gear’ as a line item on the family budget.