Client Profile: Robert

Robert has been with the CL family for over 18 months. Robert decided to work with a coach as he had been training on his own and was not making any progress. “I needed a coach and a group to help motivate me and show me the way. I have a support network through my coach along with the guidance of someone who has done this before.” Being part of a team, Robert has found a support system that helps keep him motivated and provides accountability to show up at the group workouts.

When asked to describe his first race experience, Robert stated, “My first Triathlon was a weekend of anxiety and anticipation.  I had no idea if I could finish all the events and I had only swam the distance once before.  After I crossed the finish line I had a huge adrenaline high that lasted the whole day.  Being able to conquer that goal was a great feeling.  I knew I wanted to keep moving forward after that race.”

Week after week we have seen Robert’s dedication and desire to go after his goals even while managing the rest of his busy and stressful life. When asked how he balances work, life and training, he reports, “I haven’t found that balance yet!” Regardless, he has been making training priority and the progress has definitely shown, “I can casually say that I ran 7 miles on a Saturday then did a 30 mile bike ride the next day and it feels like that’s normal.” In the last year, Robert has completed Olympic triathlons and his first half marathon.

Way to go Robert! We are excited to be a part of your journey!