IM Arizona PRs!


Congrats to Chris K and Stephenie F. Both worked hard to fit the training in with their life and they both had amazing PRs at IronMan Arizona 2016 recently. We are almost into December and itt’s wet, cold and windy. Here’s some great inspiration to keep you motivated through the winter months! 

Chris was eager to learn and as a single dad, he had a very busy schedule. He realized that he could not fit all the training in and was smart about making the most of what he could accomplish. His love is soccer and he kept his regular soccer games in until the last month of training when the need to do some longer rides. He did his homework which is definitely required for an IronMan distance but managed to not get obsessed.

Chris executed a great race day and then went off to celebrate at Disneyland!

Chris writes:

I can’t believe it! It was a great day to say the least. Super pleased with everything except missing the negative split on the run. I went out too fast and had a hard time slowing down until my body didn’t give me a choice. Thanks again for everything! To say your coaching paid off would be an understatement!

Stephenie had great support from her family. She got creative and would ride around the campground while camping with family, she would run around soccer fields or between houses and meetings to get her workouts in. She struggled a bit with learning when to push more and when to back off as she hovered on the edge of over training. Mentally she wanted to push through some of the longer workouts near the end of the build but ultimately she understood that physically her body needed rest. She played and practiced with nutrition and gear. She asked great questions and worked very hard.
Race day, she didn’t let the murky swim or wind on the bike get to her and she just kept going to finally hear Mike Riley tell her she was an IronMan! (She has finished two before but neither time did her name get called.)

Stephenie writes:

I’m excited to be done! The swim made me nervous. It took me about 10 minutes before I could breathe without panicking.  

I made sure I was concentrating on going slow that first bike lap. It was pretty windy. It looked like that rain storm was trying to push in. So for the first lap, the wind was against you up the beeline, and then with you back down, so that helped make up for it. On the 2nd and 3rd lap, the wind changed directions and was against you on the way down. I couldn’t make up the time on the way down.

The volunteers were amazing and so was crowd support. First time at the turn around, because of crowd support I honestly got really emotional and had to fight back tears.  I loved this: they gave you a bracelet to give to someone (volunteer) to say thank you. I gave mine to a women helping me with my water bottle which I couldn’t get open, and help me with my CarboPro.  Great idea!  I wished I had 10 more of them!!!  

I was so excited to go through that chute, and have Mike Riley say my name!  And I’m really excited about my time.  It wasn’t my ultimate goal, but I PR’ed by over 50 minutes!  

No upset stomach after and no IV fluids like my last one. I had 3 slices of pizza, and then waited for my cousin to come in. I had my aunts and uncles there to cheer me on and my amazing husband.  It was a very successful day.  I wish I could sleep but woke up still too excited!

Thank you so much for being an amazing coach.  There is no way I could have done this without you! 


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