A Cow Encounter


Tony ran a 10k trail run recently and writes:

I was ahead of the pack when I came across a cow that lowered its head and ran at me half way.  I stopped and thought, hmm this isn’t a dog like last time and that cow moved fast.  I wondered was it a bull?… pondering, stepping back slowly.   I waited for the pack to catch up because there is strength in numbers  I hear.  After the pack caught up I was behind in 4th.  I stopped to take a few pics of the scenery and thought whatever, just run.

Anything can happen during a race! On a trail you may encounter wildlife although usually we worry more about encountering a bear or a mountain lion. Safety first!

Congrats to Tony O for a 3rd Overall Male and 1st in Age Group Placement at a 10k Trail run even with a cow encounter!


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