Danger ahead!

 It’s that time. That time when the garden is calling. Or scrubbing the deck is on the agenda. Or cleaning out the basement takes top priority.


Sure you can run for 10 miles or bike for 20 miles, but can you garden for 3 hours? Your body may tell you no and in no uncertain terms.

When spring chores are taking precedent, remember some basics. You aren’t ready for hours and hours of heavy gardening or moving a load of mulch. Just like you ease into longer distances with training, you should ease into yard work and other more intense household chores. Make sure to take breaks and, if you can, spread the work out over some days. If you know you’ll be hitting the chores hard, it’s a great time to take a cut back week with training.

You can do it all but pacing yourself well (just like in a race) pays off!



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