Your own worst enemy

Happy Spring!

Spring is here and we are feeling the excitment in the air!  It’s great to have more light, better temperatures (sometimes!) and those goal events coming up.

As hard as it is to remember, this is the time to focus on the long term goals instead of the short term satisfaction.

  • Are you pushing too hard in a workout with a possible injury when you have a goal race in the next weeks or months?
  • Are you choosing to get a workout in when your body may need some extra recovery?

Part of being the best athlete you can be is learning when to push and when to back off. This goes back to making those hard days hard and understanding when taking a few days or even a week of recovery can make a huge difference in a training cycle.

If you are getting signs that an injury niggle is developing into something serious (does it bother you more often when not working out) or when real life stress is taking a toll, plan to take some days off or keep workouts short and easier. Focus on recovery. This means you should be eating well, aiming for more sleep and doing the self care which works for you. After a few days of planned active recovery, ease back into training and you’ll be amazed at how refreshed you can feel.





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