Breaking out of winter!


Tony claiming the podium!


Spring has sprung and we have some athletes already doing some great work.

Client Tony demonstrates just what to do when a race isn’t going your way.

“Halfway through the (half marathon) race I saw the 1:30 pacer pass me and thought ok Tony just settle and enjoy.  Consider it a training run.  Then I saw all the other runners running towards the halfway point I had already passed and I decided to root them on as we met.  It was pretty cool.  I found a 10 yr old boy running the 10k and ran with him for about .25 miles and gave him a fist bump, keep it up.  Great job.  I wasn’t going to make my time so I thought I’d try to rally the other runners to do their best.  This was a really great run.  I didn’t expect to get first and to date I don’t even know my time.  I didn’t look for it.  I just ran and it was awesome.”

For the record Tony ended up placing first in his age group. Sometimes reminding yourself that it is a privilege to be out running a race can help turn a tougher event into a positive experience. Way to go Tony! And we are pleased to hear that this past weekend, Tony finished 1st overall today at the 10K Train run. WOW! Congrats Tony!

Client John completed his first marathon this past weekend at the Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon. If you don’t know about this marathon, it is a very challenging marathon course meant to honor a special group of WWII veterans. With his first marathon, he rose to the challenges of altitude, sand (!) and the unknown distance to finish strongly.

“It went well. It was a tough course.  Big climbs, deep sand, and rolling hills. Great atmosphere, scenery and history with this race. Miles 1-20 were great. My legs started feeling it at mile 21. I pushed the last 5 miles, they were not fun, but made it.  My chip time was 4:04.  I think unofficial it was 6th for the old guy group (aka 40-49) and 21st overall.  Very happy with that for first 26.2 mile race.  Thanks for everything.  Couldn’t have done it with out you.”

Congratulations John! that is a huge accomplishment for a very first marathon. We can’t wait to see what you do next.



Tony –


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