Weather or not, Ready, Set, GO!

 And weather was definitely a part of the weekend for Coach Lesley athletes this weekend.

Congrats to Marcelo for another PR at the marathon distance at the Chicago Marathon this weekend. Race officials had called weather conditions “moderate” as warmer than expected temperatures were likely later in the day. Enjoy that recovery Marcelo, you have earned it!

As athletes were getting ready to go the Fall City Half Marathon and 10k, weather conditions seemed pretty dire with drenching rain. Congrats to everyone for even getting out of bed!

Fortunately, the rain let up at the start of both races but did turn the events into an almost swim as it poured for runners during the second half of their events.

Congrats to Tad for her 1st place AG award with Coach right behind her in 2nd place.  Beth and Keith kept smiles and chatting up through the whole event as did Kristen JS and her sister, Kim.

Linda and Robert joined in the fun to run the 10k.

 Thanks to Tara and Jim for cheering and for our littlest supporter P who made sure everyone was well supplied with coffee.  It was grueling work but someone had to do it!


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