Making the most of Race Day

John S at mile 4 of Leavenworth Half. Photo courtesy of Patrick S.

It’s been a busy couple of weekends for Coach Lesley athletes with four hard fought PRs. You may have a great training cycle, nail all your workouts, dial in your diet and make sure you are getting enough rest but sometimes you still cannot plan for what race day will bring.  It’s up to you to make the most of what you have. Congrats to these athletes at battling through!

Congrats to Marcelo for his PR at the Berlin Marathon! Marcelo had a race plan but crowded conditions on course meant he had to do the best he could. Even though this crowding was frustrating, he kept his head and maintained focus. Once the crowd thinned, he was able to pick up the pace. He’d been able to maintain his hydration and fueling plan with added electrolytes. As cramps struck he was able to add in electrolytes and hold on for a well earned new PR!

John S runs his first distance race at the Leavenworth Half Marathon. Congrats on his new PR. John was on track until IT band woes struck. Ouch! He was able to manage the issue and pick it up for a fast last mile at his first ever race and first half marathon!

Cheers! A well earned post-race celebratory reward.
Cheers! A well earned post-race celebratory reward.

Darren J is now a marathoner! Congrats on finishing his first ever jaunt at this distance. Darren had a tough training cycle full of work travel and was limited by the chance of an injury. It was not a given that he would even start the race but he did and made it through the warm day at the Portland Marathon. Congrats on your new PR!

Congrats to Rachel L for a PR and BQ at the Portland Marathon! Rachel need to work through some nerves about a warmer than expected forecast for the Portland Marathon. With some help she was able to focus back on the things she could control in the race and even with the warmer than expected conditions ran well enough to PR and BQ and she knows she can run an even better faster race with better conditions.

Enjoy the recovery! You’ve earned it.


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