Two more states and a marathon PR!

Running happy with two marathons done and a PR!

Congrats to Chris K for knocking out back to back marathons in two different states this past weekend. Chris is on quest to run a marathon in all 50 states. Not only did he run states #46 and #47 but he set a new PR in the marathon distance at Saturday’s event!

Chris K has been working on speed with Coach Lesley’s help. As Chris reports, “Without her help, I would not have run (the first marathon) as well as I did. Also, without her help I wouldn’t have recognized the symptoms of GI distress (in the second marathon) as soon as I did. I had issues in the second marathon today but resolved them by leveraging the items on me and at the aid stations.”

Chris has worked hard and smart to slowly build his speed and also knows now with experience things to try to alleviate GI issues. Well done Chris!

WP_20150919_001How did Chris accomplish two marathons in different states over consecutive days? For record here’s how he spent his time this past weekend.

  • 10hrs flying (including going hone)
  • 19hrs driving
  • 9hrs sleeping
  • 7 3/4 hrs running

Enjoy the recovery Chris and savor that 3:39 PR! We can’t wait to find out how you’ll accomplish your 50-States quest!


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