Coach Lesley Chelanman 2015

IMG_0726The CL clan was out in force in Chelan to participate in one of the best triathlons in the Northwest.  The Chelanman Multisport Weekend is held right on the shores of Lake Chelan in Eastern Washington.  Over the weekend they offer multiple events including 10K and half marathon races, an Olympic distance triathlon, Half Ironman distance triathlon, Sprint triathlon, Tri-it triathlon and a kids’ splash-n-dash triathlon.

  • Half Iron: Tara
  • Olympic: Brad and Tiffany C.
  • Sprint: Natty
  • Tri-it: Sheena

There were also several other CL Team friends at the event. Eileen, Sjohn and Ken did the Olympic distance and Craig did the bike leg of an Olympic distance team.

It was another warm weekend in the mid to upper-90’s so extra hydration and care was needed not on for the participants but for the support crew too.  Everything went off without a hitch for all the athletes and everyone successfully crossed that inviting finish line!

There were some significant highlights that are worth mentioning that our athletes accomplished this weekend: this was Tara’s 4th time doing this race and was able to beat her past years times by about 20 minutes and got into 3rd place in her age group.  Brad just killed the bike course with an average speed of 21.4mph and still was able to complete the 10K in 55:11 in the heat!  Sheena was able to complete her bike ride in an hour but within that hour she performed a full tire change! Great job putting those bike maintenance skills to the test.  Natty and Tiffany successfully accomplished their goals and have the medal to prove it.

All the athletes learned some valuable lessons:

  1. If you have already picked up your packet but are unable to get to the start or finish a race then be sure to turn in your chip and let the race director know.  They are responsible for all of the athletes and need to know that everyone is safe and gets back safely.  If you are missing then they will bring in any and all resources to try to find you – so as a courtesy just give them a heads up.
  2. In hot conditions, it is important to stay on top of fueling and hydration.  Even a short race can deplete an athlete to exhaustion and it does not feel goodIMG_0725 at all!  Keep this in mind even if you are not participating but just being exposed to the warm conditions.  What you eat and drink prior to race day can play a significant role on how your race gets started so drink up and fuel smartly.
  3. Live in the moment and enjoy yourself.  Know that you are about to complete a big goal and that it will all be worth it at that finish line!


Sending a huge Thank You to George, Lyle and Mark O.!!!  You do so much for the athletes it is impossible to tell you how much you are appreciated!  George had the CL orange signs up on the course creating big smiles for all the athletes.  He was there bright and early setting up our special CL spot. The extras that he did made the day that much better. Lyle was out there volunteering in his kayak to help support any swimmer that needed a rest or help of any kind.  And Mark was there making sure all the athletes had what they needed from start to finish, from fuel to ice packs and ensuring prime conditions when crossing that finish line.  Thank you, so much, for your time and support and congratulations to all the Chelanman Athletes!


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