Oh the Places You’ll Go

This is it. You’ve been hitting your training hard. Each week may bring a new distance PR or a new milestone.  Your goal event may be soon or you may still be building to it. You are starting to dream a bit about achieving what you’ve been working towards. Fantastic!

You’ve made some big choices to be here and it’s paying off.

Enjoy the excitement and building feelings of accomplishment and also remember to enjoy each day. An event is just one day and really this is all about the journey.

Where does your journey go after the next event?
What will you do the day after? The week after? Maybe you will simply enjoy joining your friends and team mates for one of their workouts. Maybe you have a new goal in mind or maybe you take some time to just enjoy the accomplishment and play with fitness doing all sorts of new things.
No matter what it is, have fun, enjoy it and keep moving!
Endurance and strength (physical and mental) builds over time and it’s those 5:30 am swims even when you aren’t training for anything but life that will keep you fit and ready for that next adventure.
Oh, Where will you go??

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