Raspberry Picking as Cross Training?


You are ready to bike X miles, run X miles and swim X yards but can you  pick raspberries?

Coach learned a good lesson recently about being a smart athlete and respecting her body’s limits.  Yes, it’s amazing you can bike, swim or run however many miles because you have trained to do so. Do you train to pick raspberries or work in the yard or <insert other repetitive activity here>?

Probably not! Coach learned the hard way that an hour of picking raspberries is probably not the best idea with a goal race on the horizon.  Her low back complained! She’s back out there picking raspberries but next time she’ll remember to change position often, set reasonable time limits with an activity she is not used to and take breaks.

Really this applies to any activity you do. Mowing, weeding, fun hiking with friends all place demands on your body that are different. Do you sit with your legs crossed? Try switching your legs the other way.  Do you always carry a backpack over your right shoulder and wonder why your right hip complains? Try wearing that back pack over your left shoulder or balancing the load over both and see what happens.

Train for those goal races but train for busy, active life too. You will feel better overall.


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