Admit it, it’s exciting to plan out the new year with race and fitness goals.
While you are working on your goals for 2015, don’t forget to put some consideration into your nutrition goals for 2015. For athletes at any level, nutrition issues can sabotage all their other hard work.
Has this ever happened to you?
You bail on a planned workout because you’ve skipped a meal and are too hungry to attempt said workout or don’t make it very far because of flagging energy.
  •  Planning your workouts should go hand in hand with planning your meals and snacks.
  • Try to keep balanced healthy snacks always available.
  • If you are cooking a meal, plan to cook extra to freeze for an easy meal to reheat.
You get distracted and busy after a workout and find that hours have gone by before you’ve gotten a chance to have a real meal. You weren’t that hungry anyway. The next workout is much, much harder than it should be.
  • Plan and pack your post workout snacks.
  • Use this opportunity to try some different snacks – appealing sounding energy bars, fruit, nuts, flavored nut butters or try making your own.
  • If the thought of food is unappealing, try drinking your calories in a smoothie or shelf stable milk or milk substitute.
Work and life has been so crazy that you find yourself thinking you’ll just bail on the whole week.
  • Make getting in some time to workout a priority even if it’s a short amount of time.
  • Have easy healthy meals planned for when life gets too busy
  • Remember that there is always tomorrow to get back on track!
Consistency with your planned workouts and your planned nutrition leads to the best outcomes at every level. To make it to the start line of a goal race requires commitment on many levels including nutrition. What will YOU work on this year?

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