It’s hard to believe that 2014 is drawing to a close, only a few short hours to go! 2014 was a mixed bag for me…it had some big accomplishments and some big disappointments. The good news is the lessons learned will serve me well as we roll into 2015 and on into 2016!

As I look back at the past year it is hard not to be proud of everything that I accomplished, disappointments and all. I can honestly say I swam, biked and ran more miles this past year than any other time in my life! It all seems a bit surreal and at times feels like it was all a dream…the good news for me is it was real and I am in a good place going forward. The hardest decision for me coming into 2015 was to hold off on making another run at getting that IM finish. It was something that I agonized over and after talking with Coach we decided that 2016 would be an optimal time to make that run. The decision allows me to train hard in 2015 and gives me time to some big changes mentally and physically!

2015 is a transition year for me and one that will require a lot of dedication and commitment. I have some lofty goals that will serve as building blocks as we move toward another IM. Most of the year will be focused on making big gains running and swimming. Mostly running, however! Lots of miles will be logged this year – 2 half marathons, 1 trail half and 1 full marathon! I would expect the season will also include 1 Olympic distance tri, maybe a long-course tri, hopefully a return to RAPSody and lots of swimming.

2015 will see a return to being a volunteer ski patroller and instructor up at Summit West – assuming we get some snow! So, come up, join me, play and get in a decent workout while you are at it!

It’s hard to look back at 2014 with mixed feelings. It wasn’t a bad year; it just wasn’t the year I had planned. It is with great anticipation and excitement that I look forward to 2015. There are no guarantees that things will go smoothly or as expected; however, I do anticipate learning lots, having fun and rolling with whatever life brings!

I will wrap this up with one of my favorite quotes –

“Dreams don’t happen because we dream them…they happen because we do something about them.”

Find your dream and do something about it! Here’s to an amazing and wonderful 2015!



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