As the holidays roll to a close and 2015 is fast approaching, this is a perfect time to start thinking about what your fitness goals are for next year.

Here are some helpful tips to consider when approaching goals.

  • Goals are set but not permanent. They should be evaluated often and able to change. A lot can happen in the course of a year and where you are in January may look very different by July.
  • Goals should not be expectations. The idea is to set a goal that is a stretch but not impossible. Sometimes goals are not reached and that is okay! All the trying in the middle counts for a heck of a lot.
  • Make sure goals are attainable and appropriate. It is good to have a stretch goal but make sure to have attainable goals along the way. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Consider including smaller goals on the path to a bigger one.
  • Consider performance vs. outcome. There are so many things that can go wrong in a goal race, weather, illness, and the list goes on. When setting your goal have it be based on your performance that day rather than on the outcome. You may not hit a time goal but you could still have raced your best strategically and mentally.
  • It’s good to be eyes on the prize but make sure to mix in fun workouts to keep things fresh and motivating. This could look a class, social workout, or fun themed race.
A few questions to ask about the goal you want to set..
  • What do you want to accomplish? This is the meat of the goal.
  • Why do you want to accomplish this? What motivates you? What is going to keep you going when it gets hard?
  • What will help you get there? What actions do you need to take to reach your goal? Who might support you in reaching your goal?
  • What might get in your way? What potential obstacles could you encounter?
  • Who is your support team? Who will cheer you on when you can’t cheer yourself?
Goals can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and what you might be able to work on to overcome the weaknesses to reach your goals.
Remember we don’t ever chase our dreams alone, so once you know your 2015 goals put them out there to your team and support crew. Many hands make for lighter work. They will all be there to help see you through.
Cheers to a New Year!



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