IM AZ the Road to Tempe: BELIEVE

It has been a long road to Tempe with big challenges, our fair share of disappointments, huge accomplishments, goals that were surpassed and unforgettable experiences. As we await the start line in the morning there is only one last thing to do… BELIEVE! You’ve done the work, owned the tasks and proven yourself in training time and time again. So soak it in, enjoy the ride tomorrow and never quit believing in yourself.

“The race is a metaphor for your life. There are moments you will feel totally alone and moments you will feel like your family is endless. It will bring out everything amazing about you and everything you hate about yourself.

When it’s easy, there’s nothing better. When it gets hard, just tell yourself you can be ordinary any other day of your life, but not today. Today you will do something less than a fraction of a percent of human beings will ever do. Today you will be extraordinary. You will be special and nobody can stop you.”

When it gets hard out there remember you BELIEVE in you and if your mind starts to doubt look around you no one out there with you is finding this to be an easy task. If it were easy, if it didn’t test your limits would it be worth it? Pick yourself up and make a friend – I bet you pick them right up too. Friends made in the wee hours on the run are like none you’ve had before. You may never see them again but you are bound in the experience and you instantly have a whole community all around you. You are part of something bigger and its now a part of you. BELIEVE you belong, BELIEVE in your training and ability and BELIEVE in a little magic.

To the IM AZ 7 – your whole family wishes you all the best on course tomorrow. We know you have stamina, wisdom, the skills of MacGyver when it comes to problem solving on the fly, sportsmanship and heart that just won’t quit. We BELIEVE in you! Carpe Diem!


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