We’ve all experienced having a bad racing season..heck sometimes more than one in row but a comeback is a comeback. Its hard no matter how far you have to go and takes dedication, commitment and the vow to put your health and body first.

Olympic Marathoner Kara Goucher is making her way to the start line at US Olympic Trials 2016 and back from a major injury.  She writes in her blog “ We all have had injuries and disappointments.  It is a part of running.  It can bring us down and at times be overwhelming when we see how far we have to go.  But I encourage you all to take your time, stay inspired and focused.  Instead of stressing about how far behind we are, we need to focus on the progress we are making and continue to make.” .  


It truly does take a village to remind us when we are down and working twice as hard as we once were that there is potential we have not yet reached. Sometimes the mental aspect of recovery is even harder than the physical. Remind yourself why you are making your way back, that it does take time, patients, cross training, and a lot of baby steps. Set alternate goals during recovery to keep motivated and to keep from rushing back too fast. For example if you are making your way back from a leg injury but it is safe to do core work, try setting some goals around building strength. Remember that sleep and eating well are just as important in recovery as training and will help you heal faster.

One mile at a time. Hats off to you Kara and good luck in New York! 1535040_10152158149314541_5020216863133763494_n


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