Alright IronMen and IronMen in training here we go again! What motivates you?

11. To know what courage feels like.

12. Because it all starts as an impossible dream, you made possible.

13. To know that your teammates are right there with you through every hard training ride, run swim, moment of doubt, triumph and race day.

14. Because making the commitment to live the training life deserves to be rewarded.

15. To hear a total stranger cheer you on hours into the course and know that you can finish.

16. Because the sense of accomplishment gained will last a life time.

17. Because the athletes that finish last get the most cheers.

18. To live without regret.

19. To be tested, pick yourself up and move forward…over and over and over.

20. It justifies having ‘athletic gear’ as a line item on the family budget.




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