We are thrilled to have Dr. Annie Armstrong of Head2Toe Spine and Sports Therapy as part of the CL Team. Not only does she help keep many of us healthy and in competition shape, but holds us to task when it comes to making sure we are working the right muscles safely and getting stronger. Visiting Dr. Annie for a tune up or an injury is always a bright spot in the sometimes hard journey to stay healthy and active – she is very kind, incredibly knowledgable and dedicated to helping you be your best. We were spoiled to get to train and race with her for ChelanMan in July.

Dr. Annie took on the challenge of going from treating endurance athletes to being one. She shared her experience on her Blog at Head2Toe and we have shared it here also. Way to go Dr. Annie!!


My Tri Experience…a wrap up!

Well, as many of you know, I did my first triathlon this year! I competed on July 19 in Chelan Man in the Olympic distance event. The most dramatic part of the whole event was getting there! My family and I were camping in Penticton BC prior to the event, and we had no idea that Washington was on fire. When we hit the border we learned that Hwy 97 was closed due to fire; in fact the town of Pateros had burnt down. The border guard just laughed at us when we told him we had to get to Chelan. To make a long story short, we made it. We drove through thick smoke and in places we drove through fire. It was terrifying. We arrive in Chelan late, hungry and disorganized. I couldn’t find any of the stuff I wanted for race food, and we didn’t get to bed till really late. Then, of course, I couldn’t sleep. When I did finally doze off I dreamed of missing the race start and of being HUNGRY.

None the less, I made it to the start line. My lovely and amazing Coach Lesley scurried me into the transition area with 9 minutes left to set up, made sure my tires were pumped up just right and managed to get me to my swim start on time (I came close to missing this as I was busy foam rolling and drinking a much needed café latte).

The swim was nutty! At first it was ok as everyone was swimming and I felt like I was in a school of fish, then people began to freak out or get tired. They would stop and float, start back stroking or just flapping around. I couldn’t get people off me so I ducked out and went way wide, which lost me some time but was much more pleasant. The bike was great! The Chelan Man support team is just amazing. The run was tough in the beginning. I was fueled only by my amazing family and friends. I can’t tell you how good it felt to recognize so many faces and to receive so much support. Once my legs loosened up my run started to feel good, and by the end I felt great. It dawned on me at the finish line that sneaky Coach Lesley had actually over trained me, I was well prepared for the race and could have kept going. This was one of the many benefits of hiring a great coach.

This has been an adventure for me and I absolutely could not have done it without the support of my family and Coach Lesley. Coach Lesley has this way of making it all ok and keeping me going. My family said goodbye to me way too many times as I went off on to yet another long training event. In the end though, it was all worth it. I feel accomplished and proud to have completed the race.

So now what? As appealing as it is to eat bon bons and sit on the couch, I am avoiding the temptation. I am working to lean out my diet and I am back to training with my friend Kimo Cole at Anvil Fitness. My goal is to capitalize on my strength gains, and make up some of the deficits which seem inherent with endurance training. Kimo recognizes that a proper functioning core is the foundation for movement, and he is going to help me get even stronger. Am I a tri addict? No…but I might do just one more .




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