In honor of our team taking on IM Arizona between now and November we are going to share with you some of our favorite 140.6 reasons to be an IronMan!

  1. To learn the power of commitment and determination.
  2. To develop an Iron will.
  3. Because a hot shower never felt so good.
  4. Bragging rights for life.
  5. Running miles next to someone without speaking a word and knowing you’ve made a friend.
  6. Feeling supremely accomplished by 6:30am.
  7. To focus on this mile, this stroke, this moment at a time.
  8. To make life long friends – it truly is team sport.
  9. To find your limits and then find brand new ones – all in the span of one day.
  10. The first step after you cross the finish line and it hasn’t even sunk in yet.



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