CL Team Adventures: Run Like You Stole It!

Now that the dust has settled and the team is safely back at base camp training away again, its time to file our trip report.

The Coach Lesley Orange Ogres rocked it at Ragnar for the 4th year running! Captain Ogre fielded an amazing team that was nothing but fun, persistent and full of spunk! While there were a few bumps along the way getting a full 12 man team to the start, we wouldn’t have changed a thing about the one that made it there. The team was on a mission to have fun, finish strong and try to sleep a little along the way. They did just that on top of meeting the challenges of the course and a relay of this size, head on. A shout out to the four Ragnar newbies on the team this year, you were all phenomenal. This year’s team not only placed second in the mixed masters but crushed some personal goals, instituted a Slurpee stop, and did all with huge smiles.

Meanwhile in Eastern Washington the other half of the Ogre Team was cheering our van riders on and gearing up for a big Saturday tradition at ChelanMan. The team scouts left on Thursday and reported back weather and road conditions. All the way up until the athletes meeting on Friday night there was concern both amongst the team and the race directors that the race would be canceled due to the wild fires. The final okay to proceed would come from emergency crews Saturday morning at 6AM. The rest of the team rolled into town on Friday greeted by hot temperatures, smokey conditions and strong winds. Fortunately Saturday morning the weather was beautiful. While still warm and quite windy the haze had mostly cleared. We had 6 tri-ogers out on course, 1 at the half iron distance, and 5 at the Olympic distance. As everyone gathered in the morning to drop gear under the tent and pump up their tires…we were worried one of our racers overslept! But never fear she came flying in at the last minute to go on to have a very successful first race!  All in all everyone had a very good day out on the course. The strong winds would prove challenging in the run but even worse on the bike. A few riders were taken clean off the road. But the CL team played smart in the conditions stayed hydrated and in control and had a phenomenal day. Everyone was greeted on the final hill into the finisher’s chute by the wild cheers of Coach Lesley herself. Almost the entire team headed into the lake for a post race ice bath then back to bed for nap or off to some amazing local wineries. That evening we had a great time at dinner in Chelan and getting ice cream to round out a super fun day. Sunday on the way home without planning 3 car loads of CL teammates all ended up at the Dairy Queen in Cle Elum at the same time…. very suspicious Ogres!!

All in all the whole CL Team headed home tired, happy and full of icy treats! The best advice we can give from our weekend of racing is:

  • Be ready to think on the fly when things change.
  • Keep moving forward, pace doesn’t matter.
  • Break everything down into bite sized pieces- Especially ice cream!
  • Nothing seems overwhelming when its just around the corner, just up the hill or just a mile away.
  • Above all else HAVE FUN!!

We can’t wait for the next team race.

Lake Union 10K August 10, 2014 at South Lake Union.

Yes there will be Portage Bay breakfast post race! Hope to see you there!



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