Caution: Ogre Sighting! Ragnar Northwest Passage – July 18-19, 2014

The Ragnar Northwest Passage Race Bible states “If a runner encounters any wildlife that is aggressive on the course, get your runner off the road and into your support vehicle”

Do Ogre’s count as wildlife? Does that mean we will clear the course as we pass? We sure hope not, half the fun is seeing all the other crazy teams out on course.

So you may be asking two things at this point: 1. What is Ragnar? And 2. Why does this race have its own bible? Both perfectly reasonable questions. The answer the the first question may very well answer the second.

Ragnar is a 24 hour running relay involving 12 runners, 2 vans, little sleep and crazy outfits. Each van houses 6 people. One runner is on the road at a time and the vans leapfrog keeping the runners in rotation. Northwest Passage runs from Blaine WA to Langley WA, approximately 112 miles. So the bible comes into play to keep all this craziness organized!

This is the CL Orange Ogres 4th year running the relay. Every year the team and vibe are different and it makes for a wild adventure.


The first rule of the CL Ragnar Team is “What happens in the van stays in the van.” We are going to leave you guessing, but please assume there is a lot of laughter.

Our Ragnar Team veterans have offered up the following sage advice.

  • Pack well. Participants get a detailed list. If you aren’t a relay veteran, pay close attention to food and hydration.  Running hard three times over 24 hours plus staying awake means you’ll need more food and it requires more planning in the tight space of the van.  What will appeal to you to eat in the middle of the night after a hard run? It’s best to bring a few options.

  • Expect the unexpected. You may feel awful at some point during the event and really question why you are doing this. That’s ok. Have something to eat and drink and have fun with your van mates and other participants. I guarantee that you’ll feel better and be ready for whatever comes next.

  • Cheer!  Everyone is out there to have fun in a challenging event and keeping that good attitude is important.  You’ll run better too!

  • Don’t be shy. Did you forget body glide or need something else critical?  Ask! Each van has some supplies and I’ll bet a van mate can share. You are on your own if you forgot your running shoes!

  • Don’t forget safety.  There are 400 teams and that is a lot of runners, volunteers, police officers and race officials.  Run smart and look out for everyone.

  • Don’t just sit.  Before and after you run and any other time you can except when sleeping, be up and moving about. Your legs will be happier.

  • Don’t expect productivity after the event.  After the event, enjoy a real dinner, shower and bed. Sleep as long as you can. Take easy cross training or complete rest days with easy walking and eat well. Your body will recover better.

Ragnar must haves: Orange Tutu and Team Jersey!!

As the team tapers this week and gathers the last of the van decorations, we’d like to give a huge shout out to our very own Captain Ogre who does a knock out job organizing our team each year!


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