Hot Town Summer in the City- Training Smart in Warm Weather

1004833_10151645001024541_212182924_nThe summer in Seattle snuck up quick this year. The heat takes a toll on energy levels, hydration and work out stamina. In order to counter act the effects of the heat we have to train smarter!
  • Get your outdoor workouts done early in the AM or late in the PM if possible. These are the best times to hit the low temperatures.
  • Be sure you are consistently hydrating – before, during and after a workout. Weigh yourself pre and post a hard workout to ensure you’re adequately replacing your fluids.
  • Replace your electrolytes. Salt especially is important to proper water absorption. If you can see the salt on your skin after a workout on a warm day you may need more salt than what is in sports drinks. Consider salt tabs during your long workout.
  • Carry a handheld or set up your route so that you can make loops past your house/car with your own aid station.
  • When swimming don’t forget to stop and drink. Its hard to remember to stay hydrated when you’re in the water.
  • Hats, light colors clothes and clothes that breath are key! Think about jog bras and socks too. They should wick the sweat away from your body keeping you dry and cool.
  • Try leaving your hair wet under your hat/helmet to help cool you.
  • Sunscreen is an absolute must! Getting burnt is dangerous and can cause you to crash- it raises your core temperature and can eventually lead to your body slowing down or shutting down. Be sure you put extra sunscreen in your transition bag for a brick workout, race or water sports.
  • Pick a route that is shaded or near the water for a breeze. Many of our local trails get great shade in the afternoon.
  • If you feel yourself cramping, getting light headed or queazy, the heat may be the cause. Be sure to stop right away and get help if needed. Recover and plan a new strategy for your next workout.
  • If you do start cramping consider not only getting sodium on board but also potassium, magnesium, and calcium. All of these can be found in most salt tabs but can also be found in certain whole foods.
  • After your workout remember to keep drinking and have a salty snack and a banana.
Summer brings with it some of the best training opportunities but we have to remember to respect the conditions. Heat deserves just as much consideration as snow!
Train smart, fuel well and enjoy!
 Coach Lesley



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